Caroline Dodds Pennock: On Savage Shores (EBook, 2023, Weidenfeld & Nicolson) 4 stars

In this groundbreaking new history, Caroline Dodds Pennock recovers the long-marginalised stories of the Indigenous …

This revulsion at the inequality of European society was a common response among Indigenous travellers whose voices emerge in later years, particularly those from outside the major urban centres of Mexico and Peru. What little evidence we have suggests that earlier voyagers would have shared this response, seeing the contrast between the endemic poverty of the cities and the luxury of the royal court. A Wyandot youth named Savignon, brought to France by the navigator Samuel de Champlain in 1610, was shocked that some people had to beg for charity in Europe just to eat, as well as by the violence meted out in the name of justice and parenting.

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