The emperor's blades

, #1

478 pages

English language

Published 2014

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4 stars (2 reviews)

The children of an assassinated emperor try to stay alive and avenge their father's death while continuing down their individual life-paths, one in a monastery, another training with elite soldiers, and one appointed a minister determined to prove herself to her people.

5 editions

reviewed The emperor's blades by Brian Staveley (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, #1)

What are the Emperor's Blades?

4 stars

The world Brian Staveley introduces to us in this book is interesting and well thought out. The story is good, but it's missing something from being awesome. There is in my mind a good reason to why the viewpoints of the story are split like they are, I know some people dislikes parts of it and I also get why. Most of the plot progression from Adares point of view could probably have been told from either Kadens or Valyns PoV in regards to the story of this book. However certain nuances would be lost and we would se less of the brilliant world building that underpins this book. The three main characters while not revolutionary in any ways work well, and the way they are used to show different parts of the world works really well. I would love to see more of the Ketteral stuff as that's partly …

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4 stars